Thao T. Yang

Web Designer

My name is Thao T. Yang and I am a web designer/consultant. My background qualities include a wide spectrum of skills such as: web designing (HTML/CSS), graphic designing, department management, customer service, social media marketing, traditional marketing, photography, videography, and training others. I am proficiently skilled at Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Spreadsheet, PowerPoint) and other software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat Pro and many more.

I pride myself in staying up-to-date with all the newest technologies and trends because I believe that change and progress results in efficiency and productivity. I am a very open-minded, independent, and self-driven individual. I am constantly learning new things and am easily coachable.


Location: Elk Grove, CA
Email: hello@thaoyang.com


Skills are the tools that we acquire through time and experience but it is the way we use these skills that defines who we are. Although we may have various skills; without the passion, these skills are just skills. With each of my skill, there is a story behind it and how that skill defined who I am today.

Web Design, %, 90
Css3, %, 75
Html5, %, 85
PHP, %, 50
JS/jQuery, %, 25
Bootstrap, %, 85
Wordpress, %, 85
Magento, %, 80
Concrete5, %, 90

Branding, %, 90
Print Media, %, 100
Graphic Design, %, 75
Social Media, %, 95

Photoshop %, 80
Illustrator, %, 70
Google Drive, %, 100
Google Spreadsheet, %, 95

eBay Marketplace, %, 95
Bonanza Marketplace, %, 80
Etsy Marketplace, %, 70
Google Shopping, %, 85
Amazon Marketplace, %, 85
Rakuten Marketplace, %, 70
eCrater Marketplace, %, 80
Bing Shopping, %, 65



Founder at Dotarus

Dotarus is a kick-starter like site that specializes in crowd-funding school projects like buying lab equipment for a high school or jerseys for the football team, while empowering and teaching students to be leaders for the future.


Online Department Manager

I built the system used in uploading and keeping track of available inventory, allowing employees to bulk upload inventory to the eCommerce website. Once the products are listed, using extensions, products are pushed to other online marketplaces such as eBay, Rakuten, and Bonanza. I manage all the aspect of the design work of the website, the extensions, the system to upload, the many online marketplaces, and customer service. For a period of time, I also manage the shipping/fulfilling of products to our customers.


Freelance Web Designer

I design websites, give web design consulting, maintain social media accounts, brand development, and drive web site traffic growth. I also help with strategic consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development.

Unique Methods

Quality Services

Excellent result



Bachelor (Major) in Communication Design: Media Arts

California University of California, Chico


Bachelor (Minor) in Instructional Design

California University of California, Chico


Let’s bring your ideas to life. Whether it be for personal use, business, or pleasure, I would be most intrigue in your ideas. I have worked with various clients ranging from photographers to restaurants to pharmacies. Each is different in it’s own way, yet with a common goal of providing their audience with a unique experience each time their audience interacts with my clients.

+1 530 282 3004

Elk Grove, CA

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