The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, Marysville

Project Details

Client: The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy

Date: July 23, 2010

Online: www.medicineshoppemarysville.com

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy has been one of the first clients I have worked with. From not having a website to having a full-blown eCommerce website, I have been there with them through it all. Throughout the 8 years that I have spent designing and consulting with this company, there has been many changes for the website and the business itself. When we first started, their website was more of a show and tell site. Information was present for the customer to view but they could not interact with the company except for submitting information via the contact form.
From that point on, the website was redesign a few more times; we added a mobile site when mobile usage was on the rise and then fully converting it over to a responsive layout. The latest improvement was changing the website over to an eCommerce website. With the latest upgrade, there has been more traffic to the website and now the customers can interact by creating an account and purchasing products.

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